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Remote Monitoring Solutions and Datacentre Environtmental Monitoring.

Monitoring and and control of server and IT equipment rooms – remotely

Maintaining permanently functioning hardware is any IT administrator’s challenge. All server and IT equipment needs cooling and ideally close temperature monitoring! Flood detection, humidity and access monitoring are additional safety measures that can be remotely monitored along with temperature.

Keeping control of your server and IT equipment rooms these days is critical to any business. As they are rarely manned or are tucked away, notification would be great for any impending heat, humidity or illegal access problem. Software difficulties show themselves easily enough via
the service the users are experiencing. Hardware problems are generally created through excess heat over a period of time and are not easily seen except for final hardware failure. Floods and unauthorised access and tampering are also common enough.

Don’t leave your remote monitoring until your hardware fails or there is a flood or someone tampers with your equipment. Look at our low cost, simple to fit, examples remote parameter monitoring systems shown here. All our Server and IT equipment remote monitoring systems give you email, and most, SMS or phone ring notification of temperature and all other parameters. To give you peace of mind our remote monitoring systems have been designed to be low cost, reliable and with some very flexible features to suit the smallest IT room to the largest

Small systems.

Many of our monitors are convenient low cost units with one or more temp/humidity sensors that can be placed where required precisely and including bolted to racks and other equipment. Each unit can be a self contained monitor or be one of a network that can be viewed and managed
by our software or NAGIOS® on a remote web browser over the internet or GSM network from any location. This makes our systems very flexible to fit your situation and budget whilst providing accuracy and notification of out-of-user-defined parameters.Most of these products have additional accessories for flood detection and access control.

Large Sysytems.

For larger systems we offer rack mounted multifunctional remote monitoring systems. The rack mounted monitors have similar parameter monitoring attributes to the small systems. These systems are great for multi spot temperature monitoring and control, door access control,
flood monitoring all in one package with enhanced email, SMS and phone ring notifications over the smaller products.

Water Leak and Floor Monitoring.

Water Leak & Flood MonitoringStraight forward and easy setup solutions for Water Leak & Flood Detection Water leak or flood damage is often very costly so it’s well worth making sure you’re protected against any potential risk from water leak or flooding. It’s not just your expensive electrical systems or data that’s prone to water damage but also the interior of the room with carpets, wall and even flooring at risk Sensormetrix has sourced several solutions to warn you before a leak or flood becomes critical and puts your systems at risk. So if you require a very simple solution for Water Leak & Flood Monitoring these products are perfect for you. Our flood and water leak warning systems can be found in this section.

Control Over Ethernet.

An overview on the Control Over Ethernet Remote monitoring refers to being able to access a monitoring system without being near the monitoring products in person. To remotely access the monitoring system, you need to have Remote Monitoring products and software that enables you to tap into the data information being monitored for any location. The obvious advantages of Remote Monitoring Systems are that you don’t have to be on site to browse the information gathered by the sensory equipment. Because of this Remote Monitoring Systems have proved popular for a whole range of applications that require parameters monitored. Remote Monitoring Systems are also able to send alerts when the monitoring sensors collect data that has reached a critical level. The benefits of a Remote Monitoring System that can send alerts are that you don’t have to be physically checking the monitoring system in person and other duties can be performed away from the monitoring system. If your attention is required because the sensors have monitored a limit exceeding change, you will be informed by the system with an alert. Living in Britain we know better than most that the environment around us is always changing, our weather can change from summer to winter in a matter of hours, and our weekends are often planned depending on our local weather report. So in a way all of us use a form of remote environmental monitoring via the MET Office, love it or loath it the MET Office is our national monitoring solution. Now let’s take this a step further and look to monitoring our local environment. Whether it be monitoring if a server room has flooded or overheated to making sure the temperature of your fish tank is just right. These systems will monitor, alert you and in some cases take control and sort the issue before you’ve read the SMS telling you something happened. There are a wide range of solutions that allow you to monitor and control your environment. Be it Temperature, Humidity, Voltage, Current Loop, Water/Flood Detection, Light or Carbon Monoxide. It seems the key to most these monitoring solutions is the remote factor, “technology-on-the-go” and with the current craze of iPhones and Blackberries we can view the 5 day weather forecast, access our emails and check out the latest share prices all in the time it takes us to make a cup of coffee.

So by utilising this “technology-on-the-go” (remote monitoring) we can now view a local environment in real time from anywhere in the world, just by accessing an easy configuration webpage or using the GSM network (CSD/GPRS/3G/SMS) Remote Control of Equipment using Internet Remote I/O control Email alerts