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Increase uptime and improve business resilience overall.

The word ‘uptime’ has become synonymous with data centres, largely because of The Uptime Institute’s founding of the data centre Tier Classification System, which is “an objective basis for comparing the functionality, capacity, and expected availability (or performance) of a particular site IT infrastructure design topology against other sites, or for comparing a group of sites”. Computer equipment and other technology is often given an uptime rating, represented at a percentage value greater than 99% but less than 100%. “Five nines” or 99.999% is widely accepted as the current standard for ‘extremely reliable equipment’.

Protecting and securing power systems is central to enabling business uptime and achieving high levels of business resilience overall. Businesses these days are highly computerized and largely automated. Few could fall back on manual systems of operation and survive for very long. When you think about it, almost every bit of business equipment in daily use these days requires a source of energy and often a continuous one. Handheld devices and laptops may not require a continuous source of electricity but their internal battery can only power them for a limited period of time before they too need a top up. The bottom line is, without electricity, there can be no uptime.

Critical Power Projects (part of Critical Power Supplies Ltd) is an experienced supplier, installer and services business for power protection, energy management and cooling systems. We are manufacturer independent and approved by leading brands in the industry to supply, fit and service their products and solutions. We are free to choose the most appropriate systems to meet customer uptime and business resilience needs.

We employ a nationwide team of engineers who are trained and certified by official bodies such as the ECA and the manufacturers whose equipment we supply. We have access to the latest product training, hardware updates, spares and technical documentation, and because of this, we can ensure customer systems are the most robust and resilient they can be.

We provide power and energy management solutions for all types of businesses, in different market sectors and for a variety of applications. Whether a processing system in a financial institution, critical hospital equipment, data centre infrastructure, or manufacturing line, we have the experience, services and products necessary to safeguard power continuity and provide increased uptime and enhanced business resilience.